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Wild & Native

Our new wildflowers that surround the orchard are blooming and look incredible! We planted Bee Feed and PNW Native Wildflower seed mixes this spring and the orchard has a ton of new colors and smells. These annual and perennial flowers will not only add native fauna, but will also keep the bees coming back for their abundant nectar and pollen – ideal to support and increase the bee populations for better pollination.

The bee mix includes Purple Giant Hyssop, New England Aster, China Aster, Siberian Wallflower, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Purple Coneflower, Fleabane Daisy, California Poppy, Indian Blanket, Globe Gilia, Tidy Tips, Blue Flax, Sweet Alyssum, Bergamot, Baby Blue Eyes, Corn Poppy

The native mix includes Bigleaf Lupine, Bird’s Eyes, Blue-Eyed Grass, California Poppy, Chinese Houses, Clarkia, Dwarf Godetia, Five-Spot, Globe Gilia, Lewis Flax, Mountain Phlox, Oregon Sunshine, Tidy Tips, Baby Blue Eyes, and Yellow Lupine. These selected species are native below 7,000 feet in northern California, western Oregon, western Washington, and coastal British Columbia.

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