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Earth Day Present

We got an Earth Day present with the leafing out of all five Belle de Boskoop apple trees we grafted last year. We were really happy to see that all of the newly grafted trees with the help of @Kwiaht survived the winter and are doing great!


Long sought after by chefs and cider makers for its sharp flavor allowing it to hold up in the oven and bottle, the Belle de Boskoop apple can be used for hard cider (sharper juice), fresh eating, cooking, sauce, and pies. This heirloom apple originated from seed in 1856 in the nursery of the Ottlander family in Boskoop, Holland. The Belle de Boskoop apple is a large greenish-yellow fruit with rough skin and dark red blush. Its flesh is crisp, tart, highly aromatic, with a high acid content that makes it an outstanding all-purpose apple.

Happy Earth Day!


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