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Seagate Farm’s primary crop is heirloom apples for hard cider producers. We chose San Juan Island in Washington state to be closer to Ben’s family, and because we both love hard cider. It’s also the ideal climate for growing hard cider apples like those found in England and France. Heirloom apples have been grown in the San Juan area for over 100 years, and are becoming harder to find. We thought we'd be able to help tip the balance in heirloom apples' favor.

Seagate Farm hosts a wide variety of heirloom fruit trees, blackberries, and cover crops to benefit the environment, increase biodiversity, improve soil health and clean water, and attract important insects and organisms by using organic practices and standards. We do this by using the Swiss Sandwich Method that incorporates low-density orchard rows which are alternated with a variety of cover crops. Native mason bees and bumblebees are included for natural cross pollinating the trees and crops. Our future chickens will produce fresh and local eggs and offer pest control and natural soil fertilizer.


Seagate rents our large pasture for temporary livestock grazing to naturally mow native grasses and to make natural compost used for numerous crops. Along the eastern edge of our farm are setbacks for designated wetlands and pond preserving natural areas and ecosystems to remain available for the abundant wildlife and natural beauty. To also help the environment and decrease our carbon footprint, we reclaim rainwater, have created a second pond for water storage, and use solar power for most of the farm’s needs.

Sure, running a farm with organic practices and holistic approaches can be more time consuming and labor intensive, but we feel it is the only way to leave the earth better than how we found it. With care, equity, and love driving all that we do, our neighbors and community become enriched, too.


Seagate in Brooklyn, New York is a real place. Ben's mother always described it as the idyllic village, where she grew up at the beach with her brothers and dozens of cousins. It always sounded like a mythical utopia to us, but thought it would be an inspirational and wonderful way to honor her life if we named our farm Seagate.

Mom and John Dec 2018.jpeg

Kay's Orchard at Seagate Farm

It all started with cider apples. We thought we'd find a few acres and plant a small orchard. Apples are still our primary motivation and will always be the centerpiece of the farm.  Kay's Orchard, named for John's mom, is the heart and soul of our farm.

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