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Family Help

It’s awesome to have family helping out on the farm! Our nephew, Shane, has been using a brush mower to control the invasive tansy ragwort and unrelenting blackberry canes.

Tansy ragwort (Jacobaea vulgaris) is a regulated Class B noxious weed that is toxic and found on open, sunny sites such as pastures and roadsides. Eating it can sicken or even kill livestock, pets, and people. Young plants appear as basal rosettes with ruffled leaves and mature plants can grow 2-4 feet tall. Their leaves are dark green on top, whitish-green below, with deeply cut, blunt-toothed lobes and a ragged, ruffled look. From June to October, clusters of daisy-like flowers with 13 yellow ray petals and yellow-orange centers appear at the stem ends. Go to for more information.

You can also #watchusgrow on Instagram @seagate_farm and on Facebook at Seagate Farm.

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