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Pacific Crabapples (Malus Fusca)

Also known as the Western or Oregon Crabapple, their uses include sauces, jellies, jams, culinary, cider, and wine. They have their own pectin for setting which can be added to all sorts of confections. They make a great addition to cider by adding a small proportion of crabapples to your cider apples which gives your cider a delicious and unique flavor. What this crabapple lacks in size, more than makes up for in flavor!


This is the only native crabapple in the Pacific Northwest and can be found along the Pacific Coast from southern Alaska to northern California up to about 1,000 feet in elevation. They are a small crabapple which is about a centimeter long and was a highly important food source in the region to coastal indigenous peoples who harvested it annually.

Pacific Crabapples (Malus Fusca)

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