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Big Summer Project

We’re getting ready to build a root cellar made with earth bags at the farm this summer. But before we begin, we had to test what mix of earth is best with our soil for the structure.


Earth bag structures, sometimes called SuperAdobe, is a building method that uses long sandbag tubes, barbed wire, on-site earth and a few tools. The earth bags are filled with moistened earth and arranged in layers or long coils until the desired height is reached. Strands of barbed wire are placed between each sandbag layer to act as both mortar and reinforcement. Stabilizers such as cement or lime may be added depending on the type of soil. The long coils of sandbag provide vertical compression strength, while the barbed wire adds horizontal tensile strength. The earth itself provides insulation, flood resistance, fire-proofing, and has passed severe earthquake code tests in California.


If you’re interested in helping and learning with us to build with earth bags, please let us know and we’ll add you to our list. More info later on the root cellar’s benefits to the community And of course, follow us to watch the progress of the earth bag root cellar.

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