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Pear Blooms

The Vicar of Winkfield and Clapp’s Favorite pear trees are in full bloom and enjoying the warm weather! These pear trees are about 100 years old and Atlas enjoys being in their shade.

Vicar of Winkfield is an heirloom French variety that was first found around 1760. It’s a large pear with greenish-yellow skin, a faint brownish-red blush, and some russeting. The pear has white flesh, tender and juicy, with a slight musky aroma. It is best used for culinary purposes but can also be used for stewing, jams, and perry. Perry is made similar to hard cider but uses pears instead of apples.

The Clapp's Favorite pear tree was first discovered in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in the 1850’s. The medium to large fruit has a beautiful yellow skin, a red cheek, and wonderful texture. It is aromatic and incredibly juicy with mild, sweet flavor balanced with a little acidity. This is one of the best fresh eating pears, but they can also be used for salads, fruit salads, sliced on top of desserts, and even canned. Although Clapp’s Favorite doesn’t store well, they’re so tasty and flavorful you’ll want to use them right away!

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